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Discrepancy between emailed job notification and Job Log

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Discrepancy between emailed job notification and Job Log

Post by mbi-admin »


I finally convinced the boss to upgrade our old 6.5 SB Pro to the latest. Everything seems to be working ok so far, and the jobs definitely seem to be completing much faster, so far so good, with one exception.

When I get the email notification that a job completed, in every case, the warnings always show one more than the actual Log shows.

I have a certain tiny job that runs every two hours, and the email always shows 1 warning, and the Log always shows 0 warnings.

I also have a large job that runs nightly, and when it completed the last two mornings, each time the number of warnings in the email notification was exactly 1 more than the actual Log shows - in the most recent one, the Log shows 4126 warnings, and the email notification shows 4127 warnings.

As for the new fancy UI - I don't like it, I much prefer the old one, but I don't think I like any of the new 'fancy UIs that seem to be showing up everywhere, they look like they were designed by kids who are into Saturday morning cartoons.

I can live with the UI look, but I really want this issue with the extra warning showing in the email notifications fixed.

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Re: Discrepancy between emailed job notification and Job Log

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We have answered via your parallel support ticket.

Thank you
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