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SyncBackPro V9.0.6.5 has been released

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2BrightSparks Staff
2BrightSparks Staff
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SyncBackPro V9.0.6.5 has been released

Post by mickyj »

We’ve just released V9.0.6.5 which contains lots of small tweaks, fixes and improvements.

The main change, that most people will notice immediately, is that the default ‘Windows’ style now has colour/color everywhere. For those who were not a fan of the monochrome look, rejoice! 😊

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Re: SyncBackPro V9.0.6.5 has been released

Post by Engztrom »

Any chance you could add some colors to the Windows 10 style icons as well, but still keep the edge-lines sharp and black?
(My preferrence for icons (and comic albums :)) is ligne claire, so I kind of like those icons, except for the monochromity...)
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Re: SyncBackPro V9.0.6.5 has been released

Post by mike.c.carroll »

Thank you for the colors to the buttons & menus; It may be a small thing to you folks, but I definitely prefer this style of the colors & smaller buttons vs. the original v9 release. This along with the progress status bar changes are what I view as the ideal v9 release. It keeps getting better!

Thank you again for all of your hard work & dedication to a wonderful application & keeps my data protected!

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Re: SyncBackPro V9.0.6.5 has been released

Post by ajs »

This is a significant improvement the colours make it so much easier to navigate and sync icon makes much more sense😃.

A couple of minor points. Some of the icons lack contrast and detail, for example the integrity check icon on the main screen context menu is a orange blob with a few random red pixels at the bottom, using a screen magnifier I can see that it is rosette with red ribbons and a white tick, however all this detail is lost at the normal display size. Also in the modify profile dialog the integrity check icon different.

The mirror icon has lost its arrow indicating the direction of the mirror operation which I think is a retrograde step, personally I would be happy if the same icon was used for both backup and mirror as the difference between them a very grey area and the mirror is so small on the main screen that it difficult to see what it is.

I appreciate all the effort you have put into making these changes.


BTW: The link to the forum seems to have disappeared from your website.
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