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I'm clicking the wrong option somewhere...

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I'm clicking the wrong option somewhere...

Post by ChrisW828 »

These are the pertinent settings in the profile I am trying to use:

Files will be synchronised between Left (Y:\!! FILES\Drive\) and Right (Y:\! SORT 2019\! Drive\).
If the same file has been changed on both Left and Right then the files will be ignored.
Files only on Left are moved to Right.
If a file is only on Right then it is ignored.

At the very least, the third statement is being ignored because I started out with 10 folders on the left, two folders on the right, and finished up with exactly the same, even though the profile states Success. I have refreshed, shift-refreshed, and closed everything down and reopened it from scratch.

Any idea where I should start troubleshooting?
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