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[V9] WebDAV backup wants to re-upload everything.

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[V9] WebDAV backup wants to re-upload everything.

Post by morice »

After uploading many gigabytes to the cloud using Fast Backup, and various breaks in between, i decided to add one more folder using file-folder selection. After all, compression was working so well! However, this triggered a rescan of the fast backup data, and now it wants to re-upload everything. Reason being the timestamps, with the files on the cloud being newer.

As i've used encryption as well, this would prevent it from seeing its contents, but isn't that always the case with encrypted backups?

The thing is, i have enabled integrity recording for destination as well.
And the result of an integrity check is that "No differences were found."

What am i missing here?
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Re: [V9] WebDAV backup wants to re-upload everything.

Post by Swapna »


SyncBackPro (by default) uses last modification date/time stamps and file sizes to detect the file differences on both sides, and copy only new/changed files from source to destination.

Therefore, if SyncBack is proposing to copy unchanged files then most likely, it has detected differences in the last modification date/time stamps and file sizes. Please run the profile in manual mode (ctrl + R) and when the Differences Window is displayed, select a file from the top panel (which you know its not changed since the last run) and check the bottom left panel to understand the reason for copying the file.

Please send a screenshot of that Differences Window and your profile configuration (select the profile > right click > Export Profile) to [email protected] for investigation.

Thank you.
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