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Dropbox - one profile works, others time out

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Dropbox - one profile works, others time out

Post by Dave300 »

Hi, I'm using commercial SBP 8.9.15, and a paid-for DropBox account.

I keep my media on a local NAS box and wish to use DropBox to keep an off-site copy of my stuff and use SBP to keep it all backed up.

This is all working well, I have created four separate profiles to copy different bits of data to DB, and it's all copied up ok.


When it comes to rerunning a backup, three of the profiles consistently time out (sticks on Step 8 with a "cloud is throttling..." and after 10 mins it dies on me), yet the fourth one consistently works without a hitch!

I've gone through the settings of the profiles with a fine tooth comb and can't see any difference between settings other than of course the source and destination directories.

I have even waited 24 hours, then run just the smallest of the three failing profiles by itself, but straight away it sticks at Step 8. Run the fourth one and it reads the cloud directory and continues to sync straight away.

I have attached a screenshot of what SBP looks like when I'm trying to do this.

Any ideas??
Screenshot 2020-02-07 18.04.28.png
Screenshot 2020-02-07 18.04.28.png (70.92 KiB) Viewed 2992 times
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