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FEATURE REQUEST: Folder-level compressed file creation

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FEATURE REQUEST: Folder-level compressed file creation

Post by hammarlundlaw »

Right now, SB Pro only has a "per file" and "one huge single file" zip option.

"per file" is costly for some services which charge fees on a per-file basis. But "one huge single file" is a real pain when the files have only changed in a few folders, and you need to re-upload the entire thing.

it would be GREAT to have a middle ground. Please add a "per folder" / "per-subfolder" option to the .zip compression

This will allow folks to run incremental or fast backups of large volumes, while replacing only the folder(s) that have been changed since the last backup. Also, since all users are fast at working w/ folders, this makes it really easy to tweak syncback.
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Re: FEATURE REQUEST: Folder-level compressed file creation

Post by cowelln »


Also, encrypting folder names would be good.
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