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Deleting directories no longer being backed up

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Deleting directories no longer being backed up

Post by Swifty »

After I've removed a Directory from being copied by a Backup profile, I would like to run a one-off "Mirror" of the profile so I don't end up with wasted space in the backup.
Is there a way to to do this, without changing the backup type to "Mirror", running the profile, and changing back to "Backup"?

My apology if this is obvious, but in my old age I can't find out if I can do this, let alone actually doing it.

I realise that the transient mirror run will delete anything else that is no longer in the Subdirectories and files list of the source. This is exactly what I want to achieve.
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Re: Deleting directories no longer being backed up

Post by mmullins_98 »

I would just create a separate profile & choose which one to run. Don't know your other particulars.
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