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One way sync, triggered by change, when you have a huge amount of data

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One way sync, triggered by change, when you have a huge amount of data

Post by anon180 »

Hey all,

I have two devices. My main PC (with 7TB of data) and my NAS (with 7+TB of storage). I want SyncBack to make my NAS a mirror of my PC. The data on the NAS will never be changed or touched by me so a one way sync with Fast Backup suits fine.

Initially I set Syncback Pro up on the NAS and set it to backup when it identified any sort of file change on my PC. The beauty of this is that the NAS stays on and so syncback will remain dormant until I turn on my PC and change data. Then the hopes was that Syncback would immediate pick up that change and copy it to the NAS. Syncback DOES pick up any sort of data change, but rather than just immediately copying the file that it identifies as having changed it does a scan of the whole 7TB of data on my PC. With fastbackup on this still takes ~3mins before it actually gets to copying the change, and if I continue updating data on my PC in that 3mins once it's copied the one thing it initially noticed had changed it immediately starts a new 3min scan before copying more data - and it does this the whole time I change data on my PC.

Seeing as Syncback is smart enough to immediately know when a file changes I was hoping it would be smart enough to just sync that one file instantly. Is there a reason that - even with Fast Backup enabled - it needs to do that 3min scan every time?

Thanks for any advice you can offer. I'll really appreciate getting this set up perfectly.
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Re: One way sync, triggered by change, when you have a huge amount of data

Post by Swapna »


Considering certain aspects on the way the program is implemented and functioning, we do not support copying files without scanning and comparing the Source & Destination locations (or Source and Fast Backup database in a fast backup profile).

However, you can enable the option 'Wait a number of seconds for no changes before running the profile" under: Modify profile > Expert > When > Changes settings page to tell SyncBack to wait for a certain number of seconds for no file changes before running the profile. Read this article for additional details: ... ction.html

Thank you.
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