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Help with Amazon / Backup method

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Help with Amazon / Backup method

Post by b4075 »

I am looking to alter my backup system so that I have protection against ransomwear. I currently use Syncback to create a straight duplicate copy on Amazon S3, but I feel this does not offer much protection in regard to ransomwear, and I am also finding costs a bit high now that I am backing up more content to S3. I have 100's of Gigs of files, and have also noticed that scanning the file system with S3 is a horridly slow process.

So, my thought was to change to creating full versioned backups. So, say weekly I do a full backup named, and then I set a lifecycle which only keeps files newer than x days.

I see that both Syncback and Amazon support file versioning, and I am not sure what benefit there is to that method versus just using dated unique file names.

I was also hoping to cut cost by moving from S3 IA to Glacier. I have seen the article at, but I find this to not really explain what I should do. It also says to not use Glacier for backup, does this mean for copying individual files, or does it also apply in my scenario where I would be uploading full backups that never change?

I also cannot figure out how to configure S3 to use Glacier. The "Cloud" options on a backup profile are a bit confusing. I am required to select a bucket on the first tab, but on the second tab I can pick Glacier, but it doesn't list my vaults. So am I required to transfer it to S3 first and then have s3 policies move it to Glacier?

I also would be interested in knowing if incremental backups would be a better option.

In summary, I am not really sure the "best" way to accomplish what I want.

SyncBackPro V9.4.2.15 (64-bit)
Windows 10 Home
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