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Using instead of traditional backup software

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Using instead of traditional backup software

Post by nicopolous »

Hi. Used SyncbackPro for a long time now to help me move files around from CCTV cameras. However, I'm considering using it as a replacement for my backup software to backup user files (not operating system/partition).

Currently using software to do full (quarterly), differential (weekly) and incremental (daily) backups. The problem is that to retain the number of versions I want involves creating a lot of differential backups which is inefficient. Syncback seemly gives me much more control, but want to run my proposed usage by you experts before I take the plunge.

I would like to maintain 3x full monthly backups, have 5x versions of any changed file and backup daily:

- Create destination folder d:\backups\%MONTH%
- Run profile every day (not using fast backup - I don't mind the scan time penalty)
- Keep 5 versions

To remove old backups >3 months old, create housekeeping profile:
- Create empty folder c:\keepempty
- Mirror this to d:\backups
- Exclude files/folders created in last 3 months

Two questions:
1) Does this make sense? I'm slightly worried about using the "created date" in the housekeeping profile as I'm not sure of it's reliability
2) Am I missing important features that traditional backup software would give me?

Thanks very much!
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