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wrong character

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wrong character

Post by fabiovilardo »

I'm attempting to back-up my files but I'm facing issues where certain character �. And I have several files with it.
Is there any way to replace this � while coping?

Failed to copy from Left : Safe copy failed. Failed to rename temp file: Cannot move file (123): The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect
example File:
...juntar\Nova pasta (9)\C�PIA INTEGRAL (1)_parte_001.pdf


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Re: wrong character

Post by mmullins_98 »

Might help:
"Safe copy failed. Failed to rename temp file: Cannot move file (3): The system cannot find the path specified.

Safe copy failed. Failed to rename temp file: File does not exist.

This article provides information about the above errors which can occur when using Windows Vista or newer.

It has been reported that this error can be caused by anti-virus/anti-malware software on the target device (to which the file is being copied) deleting or quarantining (moving) the file before we can rename it. This is especially likely to apply to executable files (EXE, VBS, etc) whereby the AV detects that property from the content despite the anonymous temporary name/extension used by Safe Copy.

Switching off Safe Copy via:

Modify profile > Expert mode > Copy/Delete > Advanced > 'Make safe copies...'

may prevent the error (by copying under the 'real' name) but it may be that the AV (etc.) then simply deletes or quarantines the file 'silently' anyway (which may trigger repeated re-copies on subsequent runs).

If the profile is set to Verify, and any such AV interception occurs, the Verify will likely fail (because the file is no longer there to calculate the hash value thereof, or the hashing is interrupted). If Safe Copy is used, the file is usually hashed under its temporary name (before rename > potential overwrite) - if not, the Verify will of course try to hash the file using its real name.

Note: see contextual Help via F1 with Copy/Delete > Advanced settings page open (see above for path to that page) to see why Safe Copy is usually set by default."
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