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How to setup a sync between 2 PCs and a cloud ?

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How to setup a sync between 2 PCs and a cloud ?

Post by Cmely »

Hi every body,

I need some help to setup the proper configuration with Syncback Pro, because some setup details still confuses me.

I have two computers (one is Work computer, WPC, one is Home computer, HPC) and a cloud storage on a Linux Ubuntu PC (LPC), running with Nextcloud (which I can access to with WebDAV).

All my files are located :
- On an external drive on my HPC
- On an external drive on my WPC
- On an internal drive on my

What would be the best way to configure Syncback Pro in order the achieve the following scenario :
- When I work on my HPC, then created, modified and deleted files are synchronised to /from HPC to / from LPC
- When I work on my WPC, then created, modified and deleted files are synchronised to /from WPC to / from LPC
- I never work on LPC, it's only storage.
- I never work at the same time on WPC and HPC (can't duplicate myself yet :lol: )

In other words, I need to have each of 3 drives to be a perfect mirror of the 2 others. I guess I have to setup a Synchronisation but I wonder what would be the proper options I should select in the "Decisions - Files" pane ?

Maybe there are also some other importants options I need to select ?

I also have questions about the management of dates and times. On my Nextcloud storage, dates attributes of my files will be changed : created and modified date will be set to the date of the synchronisation. Will this mess up the whole process ? In other words, if date attributes on LPC are different than those on my WPC and HPC, will this mislead Syncback Pro ?

Thank you in advance for your clarifications :)
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