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Backup up to destination drive identified by serial number

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Backup up to destination drive identified by serial number

Post by Franko »

Hello - I am currently using and had to rebuild my system recently to reload windows from scratch. My Syncback had been humming like a top, but I need to rebuild the profile, and to do that I need to state the destination drive via serial number.
I have received and saved the instructions from 2BrightSparks for this process:

"In some situations it is not known at profile creation time what drive letter Windows will assign to an external drive, for example, when it is plugged in. To get around this the variables SERIAL or LABEL can be used. For example, if your external drive has a serial number of ABCD-EFGH then you could set your source or destination to:

%SERIAL=ABCD-EFGH%\backup\ "

In trying to do that, there is nowhere to replace the destination drive assigned letter, with the serial. I have tried all iterations (except one of course) and I am unable to sort this out.
TLDR I am trying to specify a serial number for the destination rather than the drive letter and I am unable to do so.

Thank you for any help.

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