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DIfferenzial sync based on file content

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DIfferenzial sync based on file content

Post by texw »

Hello everyone, I am a happy syncback user for more than fifteen years now I think, I was evaluating the latest PRO version, thinking I would find the functionality I needed but I could not find it.

basically I expected to find an option that allows you to analyze the differences between source and destination files on the basis of the file content, and copy the file from source to destination only if the destination is different from the source, excluding any other reasoning based on the dates f.e..

this is useful as my development projects generate hundreds of files, which I synchronize with the real environment, but often for 90% of them the system generates identical files simply with the "creation date" updated, but none changes from source to destination.

being able to synchronize only the "really modified" files, the target system does not go "down" at each synchronization.

I understand that in terms of performance the sync could slow down, but in this case the priority would be not to unnecessarily synchronize unchanged files. also you could think to analyze files by "byte chucks" and check the size (If different, synchronization is certainly necessary)

any idea? thanks Devid
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