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Mirroring to OneDrive

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Mirroring to OneDrive

Post by josh358 »

Hi, I want to mirror my data drive to OneDrive. Most of my local files are already on OneDrive.

I set up a profile and it linked successfully, but instead of synchronizing, SyncBack is deleting every file on OneDrive and then uploading it again.

Is there any way to get OneDrive to sync the existing files on OneDrive, rather than uploading them all over again?
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Re: Mirroring to OneDrive

Post by mmullins_98 »

The developer Swapna wrote the following that may apply to your situation even though it refers to a sync profile. The dates being different could cause a mirror to delete the files.
"SyncBack (by default) in each run scans Source and Destination files to detect differences using last modification date/time stamps & sizes and copies only new or changed files from Source to Destination without overwriting unchanged files. However some devices e.g. NAS drives, FTP servers, Cloud servers have problems trying to correctly handle Last Modified date/time file stamping, which our programs uses as one of the method to compare files. Because of this, dates/times of files between source and destination would never match and makes file synchronization unworkable.

Try enabling the option "Force the file modification date & time to be correct" under:

Modify > Expert > Copy/Delete > Advanced settings page

to force-set the Last Modified date/time stamp of a file, but there is no guarantee all devices support it.

If it doesn’t work then the only option is to use Fast Backup mode supported in SyncBackPro/SE and never force a re-scan.
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