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Issues with FTP and multiple working threads

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Issues with FTP and multiple working threads

Post by dantroxel »

I am finding issues with SyncBackPro, using FTP with multiple worker threads to speed up backups. After a random amount of time, SyncBackPro will no longer transfer files. The app is still working, but no more transfer progress. I have left it alone for hours and still no progress. Any suggestions to try? I have used from 2 to 10 worker threads - they all cause the app to stop sending data after some time has past. I have to exit the app - can't stop the profile - just sits there greyed out.

The originating device is a Windows Server 2019, using FTP to a QNAP device over the internet. The app and both systems are updated to current patches and firmware.
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Re: Issues with FTP and multiple working threads

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Please generate/submit a support zip with debug logs of the profile run to [email protected] for investigation. Full instructions for creating and submitting the support zip are given here: ... 3000335603

If your zip is over 20MB, contact us for alternate instructions, advising the actual size.

Do not post (nor links to) Support Zips on this open forum.

Thank you
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