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SBP 'Portable' getting settings from other than user folder on C drive

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SBP 'Portable' getting settings from other than user folder on C drive

Post by Hellzapopping »


I am running SBP 'Portable' version. I want it to read (and write) its settings from a location that is NOT in the user folder on the C drive. (I want it to use a folder 'nearby' to the folder that the program is running from (a 'sister' folder, i.e. having the same parent).

The GUI doesn't let me do this. There is a display in the Global settings of the folder path that shows the location of the setting files, but this is read-only, and clicking on the folder button next to this folder path just opens the folder in Windows Explorer, it doesn't let you change the folder.

The Help mentions that there is a way of setting this from the Command line, but I have not been able to get this to work:

A:\root\Portable Apps\SyncBackPro V9>SyncBackPro.exe -settings "A:\root\Portable Apps\SyncBackPro V9 settings" -restricted

So to explain, I want SBP (in "A:\root\Portable Apps\SyncBackPro V9\") to read the settings from ""A:\root\Portable Apps\SyncBackPro V9 settings".

So having navigated to ""A:\root\Portable Apps\SyncBackPro V9" folder, in the prompt, I typed:

SyncBackPro.exe -settings "A:\root\Portable Apps\SyncBackPro V9 settings" -restricted

The cursor goes away for < 1 second and then comes back. When I check in the SBP GUI, there is no change to the location of the settings files.

I also tried with "\" after the folder path:

A:\root\Portable Apps\SyncBackPro V9>SyncBackPro.exe -settings "A:\root\Portable Apps\SyncBackPro V9 settings\" -restricted

With the same (non-)result.

I was using Command Prompt (Administrator).

Another, related, question: is there a way of using the command line to get results from SBP? i.e. instead of just setting settings through it. Then I could check the setting in command line, try to change the setting, and check it again.

If anyone who knows anything about this could chip in with whatever they know, even the smallest fragment, I would be really grateful. Thanks very much. - John
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