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SFTP Settings Confusing UX Interface

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SFTP Settings Confusing UX Interface

Post by Sn3akyP3t3 »

I have a few suggestions/complaints regarding SFTP settings. I anticipate having to use SFTP transfers in the coming years ahead so I'm tossing down my concerns now in hopes that eventually they'll be addressed.

My concerns are as follows:
  1. I was unable to find SFTP settings from making a new profile and navigating through all the offered settings on the left under expert mode. I was only able to discover them using search and often times when I did the application crashed. I did submit a crash dump once for this matter. It shouldn't be so hard to locate and obviously shouldn't be crashing to view and edit.
  2. The UI suggests SFTP only supports port 22. If that is correct then please correct that so the port is taken from the advanced tab port setting. Also, people that face port 22 to the public internet are somewhat more vulnerable to attack so not fixing this is likely forcing some customers to be exposed to an increase of risk. If this is not resolved I'll likely never be using SFTP transfer offered by this software.
  3. The UI section for SFTP is fairly confusing and cluttered. The tab could be renamed from FTP to something that family of protocols (FTP, FTPS, SFTP) represent. Most software titles I've used (such as Cyberduck or Filezilla) that offer file transfer in this manner have a UI that offers large choices first such as the protocol choice which then enables more settings relevant to that selection. This approach is rinse, lather, repeat until all relevant settings are offered. I realize this may be difficult to do with SB depending on the code it is written with, but the current UX had from the current layout is confusing.
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Re: SFTP Settings Confusing UX Interface

Post by Swapna »


Thank you for your suggestions.

I will pass your suggestions to our development team for their review and consideration.

Thank you.
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