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Force disconnect from SMB share

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Force disconnect from SMB share

Post by yehuda »


I use SyncBackPro to connect to a Destination SMB share that is password protected. The credentials are supplied in the profile window, and are not saved in Windows Credentials Manager.

I noticed that once a connection is made (whether I click "Test", run the profile, or double-click the Destination column), the share becomes exposed in Windows Explorer and stays accessible until the computer is rebooted.

This behavior is not desirable because ransomware could propagate along the same path.

Looking for a way to force-disconnect after the profile has run. Tried: net use \\share /delete - this reports success but the share stays online. Is there another command that works, or a setting I can adjust to keep the share private all the time?

SBP, 64-bit, Win 10 Home.
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