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What is up with this "backup" filter/file display

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What is up with this "backup" filter/file display

Post by Vocalpoint »

Last week I created a new MIRROR job to copy 10 folders worth of data (from a collection of 20 folders) from a workstation to a backup drive. When I created this job - Syncback (as usual) allows me to select exactly which 10 of the 20 folders I want to copy and all went well.

Today I manually added one more folder of files to the backup drive ONLY - and once I completed that copy - I wanted to revert this job back to a Backup Job (From a mirror) because rerunning it as a mirror a month from now - would effectively wipe out the manual folder I just added.

So I switch the job from Mirror to Backup and then take a look at the folders to be considered (Clicking Show Subdirectories and Files) within the Profile setup dialog box. And I see that nothing appears:

2022-03-30_13-44-01.png (36.35 KiB) Viewed 2167 times

I then open the Setting cog wheel in the upper left and start clicking the various options. With NO checkboxes on anything - I first click on Show Files (directly beneath the "do not use selections" check - which is not checked). And I see nothing.

Then I click Show Files and Folders on Source - And I do see the files and folders on the source.

Then I clear those two and check Show Files and Folders on Destination - and see nothing. Which makes no sense since there are 11 folders with thousands of files on the destination drive (Networked drive attached to another PC).

I clear that check and move onto Show files and folders on Source AND Destination - and see nothing. Which is even more bizarre as there are 10 folders to back up from in Source and 11 folders (10 that match Source exactly and the one folder I added manually in Destination.

I clear that check and try Show Files and Folders that do not exist and see nothing.

Ok - what is up with this dialog and what exactly am I doing wrong? This job has already run as mirror. I even gingerly completely a Simulated run as a Backup - hoping that I would not destroy the contents over on Destination and the job worked - but I am at a loss as to why I cannot pick and choose folders now? Maybe some weird filter is on somewhere?

This backup is intended as a cold storage backup that will be performed only a couple times a year and I need to be able to specifically selected folders to backup OR not backup) on the fly as needed.

Oddly if I switch the job back to a Mirror - the folder magically appear for selection. Clearly I am not understanding something here.

Appreciate any tips from the field.


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