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2 weeks incremental back with full

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2 weeks incremental back with full

Post by vincewu »

I am evaluating the syncbackpro. Can anyone help on how to setup differential mix with full backup. In the help section, they show an example on how to do it for 7 days. However, I need help on setting it up for 14 days (2 weeks). In another word, I want to setup on week 1, monday to saturday differential and sunday full. week 2 will do the same. Week 3 will do the same and delete week 1. So I will always have 2 weeks worth of backup for the 14 days. I want this done so that it will indicate the Date as the name of the folder that contains the backup.

For example.
and so on.

I know I can do that with the %DATE% with %AUTOINC% variable and every backup is full, but I don't know how to make it so that it's differential/full mix.

thanks everyone for your help.
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Re: 2 weeks incremental back with full

Post by Swapna »


You can use %AUTOINC% variable with Fast Backup to create Full Backup with as many Differential backups as you need. Please read "Incremental/Differential Backups" section of "Auto-Incrementing Variable" article for additional details: ... iable.html

Thank you
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