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Backup to Azure

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Backup to Azure

Post by jwilmoth »

Overall objective: Fast backup to Azure blob storage
Retention objective: Keep up to 7 versions for up to 30 days. Anything deleted on the source should be deleted from Azure after 90 days.

To this end we configured:

  1. Enable versioning on Microsoft Azure
  2. Keep a maximum of 7 versions
  3. Keep versions for a maximum of 30 days
Decisions - Files: What to do if a file exists on Microsoft Azure but not on Source: 90 days

I noticed today that there is now displayed a warning "Versioning is also enabled" right after the 90 days. I read the documentation which says, "If the days value is greater than zero then the file is deleted from the destination only if it has not been modified in that number of days. If this option enabled, and the days value is greater than zero, and you have versioning enabled, then a warning is displayed. This is for two reasons: deleted files may be kept longer than you think (as the file is not deleted for x days, then the version itself won't be deleted until the versioning requirements are met), and secondly, you may not need this option if you are using versioning."

Unfortunately, this is hard for me to cipher. It seems to speak to the situation where the versioning is greater than the decisions variable, not the other way around like we have it.

  1. Can you tell me what will happen to a file that is deleted off the source given the above configuration?
  2. Does the word "modified" for the decisions variable apply to the Azure side, or the source side? I am assuming it means on the Azure side since, given the context, the source side no longer even exists.
  3. Given our settings, is this scenario accurate: Source file is not modified for 91 days. Source file is deleted. SyncBack sees that Azure file exists alone and hasn't been modified in 91 days. SyncBack deletes the file because 90 days has been exceeded and because 30 days has been exceeded.
  4. Do you have another recommendation of how to accomplish our retention objective, especially the part about anything deleted on the source should be only deleted in Azure after 90 days, not just 90 days after it was last modified?
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