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Network Test fails, yet backups run without issue

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Network Test fails, yet backups run without issue

Post by rdeckard »

I have been using SyncBackSE v6 (x86) for years under Windows 7, then 10, without any issues whatsoever.
I just upgraded to SyncBackPro v10 (x64) today.
All profiles were imported correctly.
I added new schedules as instructed (entering my local PC admin password), and successfully ran a backup manually.
My backup drive is a Drobo, and I am using all UNC paths for the Drobo shares.

One of the newer SyncBack features I am interested in, is the ability to have ignored folders & files deleted from the backup if they already exist.

That said, when I attempt to select the "Choose sub-directories and files option", I receive the error "Unable to scan <Backup_Name> : Access to the network resource was denied". If I hit continue, I am only able to see the local files.

Similarly, if I hit "Test Connection" from the Network bar (which has my Drobo username & password), I receive the error "Access to the network resource was denied".
I tried all the suggested methods of entering the username to no avail.
If I switch from hostname to IP for the Drobo, I then get the Windows error "Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed." This is likely because these shares also exist as mapped drives in Windows.

I have not yet uninstalled SyncBackSE, and running it again, I don't have any issues with the functions mentioned above.

So, why is that, and how are SyncBackPro backups able to run without issue, yet the other functions fail?
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Re: Network Test fails, yet backups run without issue

Post by Swapna »


Please submit a support ticket to [email protected] for assistance.

Thank you.
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