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How can I manage my own versioning with SBP and BackBlaze B2?

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How can I manage my own versioning with SBP and BackBlaze B2?

Post by IMTheNachoMan »

When I create a profile where BackBlaze B2 is the destination, it does not let me change versioning settings?

I want it so that anytime a file on my B2 is updated/deleted, the existing file on B2 is moved to a hidden folder in the sub folder.

Is this posible?
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Re: How can I manage my own versioning with SBP and BackBlaze B2?

Post by Swapna »


Sorry, SyncBackPro Versioning is not supported with Backblaze B2. This is because, the files uploaded to B2 cannot be copied, renamed, or moved. Thus, version files can't be created using SyncBackPro.

However, you can use Backblaze versioning in Backblaze B2 to keep multiple versions of your files and configure the lifecycle rules from the Backblaze B2 interface for the maximum number of version files to keep on the cloud server:

Within SyncBackPro, you can also specify how many Backblaze versions to keep under: Modify > Expert > Versioning settings page

By default, SyncBack sets the maximum version files to 32, but you can change it as per your requirement. If you set it to zero then no versions are kept on the server.

Thank you.
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