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Verifying old backups

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Verifying old backups

Post by SB_user »


I have some 10TB of backup files on an USB-disk made with SBPro V6.
I want to verify the integrity of the backup so I upgraded tot V10. But I'm nog sure how to carry on.
Making an integrity database from the backup makes no sense to me. Corrupted backupfiles will create a wrong integrity databes and still look oké.

How can I check the existing backup files against the original files on my NAS ?

Kind regards, Dirk
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Re: Verifying old backups

Post by timd987345 »

Before I started keeping my own hash database, I'd go into the individual profiles and temporarily change the Compare Options to "Use slower but more reliable method of file change detection", i.e. "Compare contents", and I'd uncheck the "Skip the differences screen" option. When done, I'd change it all back.
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