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V9 keeps failing when uploading files larger than about 70Mb

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V9 keeps failing when uploading files larger than about 70Mb

Post by AndyGroom »

Looking for any suggestions please.

We use SyncBackPro for uploading files to a server running FileZilla Server on Windows 10 Pro. In the last week it has started to fail when we're uploading larger files, it uploads for about 40 seconds so we typically get about 70Mb of data, then it just disconnects for no apparent reason, retries to connect a couple of times which sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, but eventually times out and moves on to the next file.

Anything smaller than 70Mb uploads fine.

I've tried with Passive Mode on and off, I've tried all three FTP connection methods, I've tried setting the reconnection attempts to 20, and I've also tried uploading to a different FTP server. I've also tried watching streaming video and that plays perfectly without any buffering so I don't think the internet connection is dropping out.

If you can think of anything else I can try I would appreciate any suggestions.
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Re: V9 keeps failing when uploading files larger than about 70Mb

Post by Losytare »

I faced the same error when loading large files. Have you found a fix yet?
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