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SBSE____.BCF files

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SBSE____.BCF files

Post by sbwul »

At regular intervals I see SBSE____.BCF files.
In my case, they are locked by an encryption program that I use: Bestcrypt and Windows associates these file with BestCrypt, even though they are from SyncBackPro (at least that is my believe).

I need to go into BestCrypt control panel, disable some protection and then delete these files.

Usually it is okay then, until the next time.

Today as well, I could delete a bunch of these files using above method.

Most could be delete, but some produced an IO error (?)

Is there a method to prevent SyncBack to create these files?

SBSE-BCF-Problem-28102023 131012.jpg
SBSE-BCF-Problem-28102023 131012.jpg (331.06 KiB) Viewed 3270 times
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