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Image Time/Date Properties

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Image Time/Date Properties

Post by warpten »

I know something similar has been discussed before, but since i just upgraded to V7 i'm not sure does this version behaves differently.
Correct me if i'm wrong, in V6 if you wanted file 'creation date/time' to be copied, you had the option in advanced-copy/delete settings, but than it was 'file accessed' time that was altered.
Now in V7 it alters 'file accessed' time regardless of do i have option to copy 'time created' turned on or off.
In fact i just tested again, and it seems that if i just delete one file from the source folder, and turn off option to copy 'time created' , V7 disregards that and copy 'time created' anyway, i'm confused.
Maybe some inherited settings from V6 getting in the way? I have set to mirror source>destination btw.
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