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Sync across 2 different SD cards?

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Sync across 2 different SD cards?

Post by kevin1911 »

Hi all,

I have a fairly large music collection stored as .mp3s on my local PC and mirrored on a NAS drive.

My MP3 player supports dual SD cards of up to 200Gb each. I've been searching for a long time for a program that will allow me to easily sync my music collection between my PC, the NAS drive and my MP3 Player. SyncBack (free) has been (by far) the best program I've come across, but I now need to start spreading my music collection across 2 SD cards as it is rapidly approaching 200Gb.

I was wondering if there is any way to make SyncBack do this? I'm currently on the free version, but would happily pay for this functionality.

Ideally, SyncBack would split the files 50/50 between the SD cards, or fill one to 90%, then start filling the other one. Or even make 2 SD cards look like one single volume.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone knows of a way to do it!
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