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Schedule job run as different user

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Schedule job run as different user

Post by rustleg »

I set up a daily schedule for 3 backup jobs from the administrator account in Windows 10 then realised that this needs to be done by a standard user. So I exported the profiles and imported them from the standard users account. There was a message on the schedule which warned that this job would be run by a different user.

So I deleted the profiles and set them up from scratch in the standard users account. Despite this the message that this would be run as a different user was still there. Why is this message still there and how do I get this job to be run by the standard user?
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Re: Schedule job run as different user

Post by Swapna »


You haven’t stated the version of SyncBackSE you are using? If you are not using the latest version V7.6.50.0, please download and install it from here and retry the schedule run: ... _Setup.exe

Do not uninstall and reinstall, or you'll lose your profiles & settings. Just install 'over the top'.

You can also refer to this forum post for the suggestions to run a schedule task using a standard user:


Thank you.
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