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Duplicate folders FTP Backup

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Duplicate folders FTP Backup

Post by Cyantist »

Hello guys,

I'm running into a strange issue with some backups on FTP. Indeed, the server that send is on Windows and the FTP server is on Linux. In log file I have few errors such as:

"Le FTP dossier s a été ignoré parce qu'il existe déjà en tant que"
"FTP folder has been ignored because it already exists as ..."

I don't know how to avoid this kind of mistakes, do you guys have some ideas?

Have a good day, cheers [-o<
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Re: Duplicate folders FTP Backup

Post by cliffhanger »

Hi, see this KB article (it uses filenames in some examples, but the same issues applies to folder names). There is nil SB can do about it except warn you it has already processed one of the offending FTP-side folders, and will not therefore also process the 2nd one it encounters with same-name (but different-case) for the reason mentioned in the KB article (and similar/converse issues). You need to manually investigate those FTP-side folders and either
  1. manually merge the joint contents into one folder (preferably with the name that matches Source exactly) and delete the other folder (preferably the one that doesn't match the case on Source). Note that you would normally perform the same merge on both sides/ends.
  2. if the contents are not mergeable for some reason, you need to change the name of one of the folders so that it differs from the other by one or more actual characters (not just 'by case') - for example, change the FTP side folders \info\ & \Info\ so that they are \info\ and \Info2\ instead. Note that doing it this way means [the contents of] \Info2\ would then effectively never be processed by a Backup profile again unless a folder called \Info2\ manifested itself on your local Source. There is also the danger that if you are using a Mirror profile, and changed \Info\ to \Info2\ - which doesn't exist on the local Source - then SB will want to delete it (and its contents) because it doesn't exist on Source, because that is what Mirrors do
SB does not know your preferred solution (for example it doesn't know if you would prefer option-a or option-b in a given situation, and anyway, your preferences might vary from occasion to occasion), so will not attempt to automate this, only to warn you so you can resolve it manually.
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