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SynvbackSE Screen Focus Behavior

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SynvbackSE Screen Focus Behavior

Post by unknownsailor »

I have a long standing issue with the way SyncbackSE steals screen focus when a profile finishes the comparison stage and displays the differences.

I have two displays, and I oftentimes have a SyncbackSE group profile containing Sync tasks running while doing another task. I have more than once been typing on a Word document or other sort of text entry, and Syncback will pop up a difference dialog and steal screen focus asking for me to continue the run, and because I was in the middle of typing the default "continue run" option is executed.

Is there a way to turn this off? Leave it at flashing in the the task bar, but not taking screen focus?

I've had this issue since SyncbackSE version 6.
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Re: SynvbackSE Screen Focus Behavior

Post by cliffhanger »

HI, AFAIK, this seems to be (and 'to have been') rather a puzzle for some time, as discussed here


You would firstly do well to check the relevant 'keep on top' setting is switched off for each profile (currently/in V8, the setting is still on the Display menu of the Differences window, and not accessible AFAIK any other way; IIRC it needs to be set 'per-profile'). If this doesn't help, I have no further ideas, and as per last comment from mickyj, neither does he.
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