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Suggestion: change the display alignment of profiles not run recently

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Suggestion: change the display alignment of profiles not run recently

Post by David_in_HK »

If I have not run a profile for a while SyncbackSE nicely tells me so by showing those profiles in red.

My problem is that my eye does not parse the display correctly. I've had this feature enabled for a while now and I still always have the same problem so I would like to suggest changing the display a bit. (Maybe others have the same problem and just don't think of suggesting a change, or maybe I'm the only one ...)

Consider this display, in which there is a group of profiles (all of which have run recently) and immediately underneath there is a profile which has not successfully run, shown in red ... but my eye tells me that this is part of the group because the profile name exactly aligns to the names of profiles in the group above.
Profiles alignment.JPG
Profiles alignment.JPG (25.01 KiB) Viewed 2315 times
In this case I couldn't actually find the (red) profile I was looking for because I know very well it's not in a group, and my eye just ignores all the profiles in groups, so I subconsciously, and incorrectl,y ignored the one in red when I was looking for exactly that profile in the list. And I recreated the profile from scratch (and ran it) and so now I have duplicates :roll: easy enough to fix, but still it is confusing afterwards.

I suggest to change the display of the alert for profiles which have not recently run, so that they are not aligned with profiles in groups.
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Re: Suggestion: change the display alignment of profiles not run recently

Post by Swapna »


I will pass your request to the relevant department.

Thank you.
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