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How to perform a one-time CLONE (Not: Sync) operation?

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How to perform a one-time CLONE (Not: Sync) operation?

Post by pstein »

Assume I snyc oftentimes my desktop computer with my notebook. I use therefore approx 15 profiles.
It works fine.

Now the hard disk of my notebook crashes and I insert a new one (or reformat the old).
Then I restore from an external USB hard disk a (few days/weeks) old backup onto the new hard disk on my notebook.
Since the backup is older some additional sync operations with the desktop are necessary.

As a consequence of the backup all the internal sync operations of SyncBackSE are messy.

What I want to do now is to run the "normal" SyncBackSE with the profile information BUT as a CLONE operation.
CLONE means the target (=Notebook) directory tree should after the sync look like exactly as the partner on the source side (=Desktop)
but only for the scope of the profiles. Other dir trees outside of the profiles should stay untouched.

In detail all actions should be performed as follows:

1.) When SB thinks normally a file should be copied from Notebook back to Desktop the file should be deleted on Notebook
2.) When SB thinks normally a file should be copied from Desktop to Notebook the file should be copied to Notebook "as usual"
3.) When SB hinks normally there is a conflict the file should automatically (!) be copied from Desktop to Notebook

How can I tell SB to execute such a one-time CLONE operation?

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