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backing up photos from lightroom

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backing up photos from lightroom

Post by dcm »

I am backing up photos from lightroom to an external drive. I have a backup scrip that copies files from d:\pictures\lightroom to external drive. when I run the script it copes that folder but also copies the content of the lightroom folder separately, ie its copies the photos twice. on the back up drive i have the lightroom folder containing the photos but also separate folders containing the photos..

anyone have any ideas about why these are being copied twice?
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Re: backing up photos from lightroom

Post by Merlin »

I'm not sure you need to do what you're doing.
As far as I know, the only important things in that folder are in the folder holding the actual LR catalog.
You can also back up your catalog to another drive when LR closes--that's controlled inside the LR settings.
The other folder is holding thumbnails, not your actual photos.
If these were lost, they would be recreated anyway.
Obviously, your actual photos should also be backed up.
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