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Bug: SyncBackSE does NOT show all remote directories for selection

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Bug: SyncBackSE does NOT show all remote directories for selection

Post by pstein »

I setup several profiles for several directories between the local and a remote computer.
It works fine so far.

Recently I created some new (subfolders for a shared top folder on the remote computer and I want to sync them now with my local computer.

Therefore I started SyncBackSE v6.5.49 on Win7 64bit, then marked the profile, then clicked "Modify" icon the bottom, then clicked on the button "Choose sub-directory and files".

The file/folder selection dialog pops up but much to my surprise the new remote folder are NOT visible only some older folders.

The new remote subfolder is visible outside in Windows Explorer. I can access it and copy file into it.
So sharing information are exchanged in general.

However SyncBackSE does NOT see some of the (new).folders.

Whats wrong?

I guess SyncBackSE auto-filters out not selected folders or need some cache refresh or......

How can I tell SyncBack SE to rescan the remote top folder for all its subfolders and to display them for selection?

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Re: Bug: SyncBackSE does NOT show all remote directories for selection

Post by Swapna »


As stated in the Help file > Easy mode > Sub-directories and files page:

“The files & folders listed will not include the destination/right files or folders unless it needs to. Deciding on whether it needs to or not depends on the type of profile and the file decisions you've selected.

If you want to force the tree to display files and folders in both the source/left and destination/right then hold down the Ctrl or Shift keys when you click the Choose sub-directories and files button.”

Therefore, if you want to view file/folder structure on both Source and Destination, then you have to hold the shift key and click on the "Choose sub-directories and files" button.

In addition, please note that the version of SyncBackSE you are using outdated. If you wish to upgrade to SyncBackPro/SE V8 please visit the 2BrightSparks Upgrade Store where you will need to enter your serial number into the text field and click on "Check" button:

Then follow the onscreen prompts to pay for your upgrade. Do not try to manually enter the serial as mistakes can easily occur. Although we recommend customers to upgrade, it is an optional choice and you can choose to remain with V6 indefinitely. However, please note that technical support for SyncBackSE/Pro Version 7 and earlier has officially ceased.

Thank you
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