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SyncBackSE V9.0.6.5 has been released

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2BrightSparks Staff
2BrightSparks Staff
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SyncBackSE V9.0.6.5 has been released

Post by mickyj »

We’ve just released SyncBackSE V9.0.6.5 which contains lots of small tweaks, fixes and improvements.

The main change, that most people will notice immediately, is that the default ‘Windows’ style now has colour/color everywhere. For those who were not a fan of the monochrome look, rejoice! 😊

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Re: SyncBackSE V9.0.6.5 has been released

Post by dancedar »

It's an improvement but still has a way to go before it's anywhere near as clear as v8. Consider putting V8 icons in this build, at least as an option, it's so much clearer and faster to navigate.

Startup time is still pretty poor in comparison.

One question: with delta copying what is the mb/size threshold for using delta/partial copying over the whole file again?
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