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Should SyncBack SE copy open Veracrypt sontainer?

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John Gray
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Should SyncBack SE copy open Veracrypt sontainer?

Post by John Gray »

I'm now on Windows 10 v1903 64-bit and SyncBackSE v, and have been horrified to find that a usually-open Veracrypt container file hasn't been copied from source to target for nearly a year of weekly SyncBacks!

The SyncBackSE profiles were imported from Windows 7 32-bit when I moved to Windows 10, and the copying seems to have worked on W10 v1803 (for some time at least) but not on v1809 and v1903.

Should I have done something to the profile(s), or otherwise specified something which would continue to facilitate the copying? The Veracrypt file is 'ticked' in "Choose sub-directories and files", and the tick box is followed by two file icons.

Thanks for any help!
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Re: Should SyncBack SE copy open Veracrypt sontainer?

Post by Swapna »


Please generate/submit a support zip with debug logs of the profile run to [email protected] for investigation. Full instructions for creating and submitting the support zip are given here: ... 3000335603

If your Zip is over 20MB, contact us for alternate instructions, advising the actual size. Do not try to attach to the ticket!

Do not post (nor links to) Support Zips on this open forum.

Thank you
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