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How to mirror/clone ONCE from one side to other with ignoring sync history?

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How to mirror/clone ONCE from one side to other with ignoring sync history?

Post by pstein »

Assume I two-way-sync two large folder trees (from local computer to other computer in LAN).
This works for a long time.

Then I deleted accidentially (parts of) the folder tree on the remote computer.

Now I want to re-create the folder tree on the remote computer with all the stuff from the local computer.

If I run now "as usual" the profile on the local SyncBackSE installation the following happens:

SB looks at the presence of e.g. file "hello123.dat" on the remote computer but did not find it.
From his history SB knows that it exists it the past.
Logically SB thinks that the remote file was deleted intentionally and delete it on the local computer as well.

I do NOT want this.

I want a one-time-mirroring/cloning from local-to-remote computer.
If a remote file/folder does not exist the corresponding history should be deleted and the local file copied to the remote computer.

How can I achieve this?

Again: I don't want to modify the profile at all and permanently (minimum option switch is acceptable).
I just want a one-time exceptional mirror/clone run.

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