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SBSE v9 x64 / Fail due to "Insufficient system resources"

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SBSE v9 x64 / Fail due to "Insufficient system resources"

Post by chugbug »

Hello All! I have several Profiles setup to run in 2 hour intervals overnight, and I'm getting the following error:

"cannot connect to Destination: insufficient system resources exist to complete this request"

I search in the knowledge base under the specific parameters of "insufficient system resources" and found an article about "Windows Socket Errors", with the one below related to insufficient resources:

Socket error # 10055, No buffer space available: This error indicate that Windows has run out of socket buffers. The most common causes of this error are running a high number of applications simultaneously and insufficient system resources (memory or disk space).

I originally thought this might be the issue, but there isn't anything else running on the SOURCE drive except all the Windows Services. The Destination drive is a USB3 drive connected to my router. But if this IS the issue (too many background services running), is there a way to disable everything while the SyncBackSE profiles are running? (I didn't see anything in SyncBackSE itself).

The thing is, the profiles run successfully when I run them manually (even as a group at the same time-- and they're done in less than 20 min). They only take a few minutes to run, so it's not like they are running into each other between the scheduled times. When they run at night, the first one or two will run successfully (usually just one, but last night two ran OK), then the rest fail. Those two are scheduled to run B4 midnight, the other four after midnight. I checked the other scheduled tasks in the Source PC (Windows Task Scheduler), and there isn't anything specifically that I can see that is starting up at midnight.

I'm using the latest version of SyncbackSEx64 (v9.1.12.0) The SOURCE pc is running Win10 x64. The Destination is a 4TB WD Elements USB3 drive connected to my router (Asus RT-AC68U). Source is connected to network via Ethernet (wired). Win10 is a fresh install, and I have as many of the misc apps uninstalled or disabled, and all the live tiles are turn-off. I also have as many of the Windows features that I won't use disabled. So the Source is running lean. When I run the Profiles manually (unattended), the system is using 25% memory (8GB installed), and 15% peak CPU.

I've been tweaking the settings in SyncBackSE to see if any of the changes would help, but so far, none have given me the full results so all the profiles run on schedule.

Any thoughts?

I'll post more specific PC specs and SyncbackSE custom settings if it will help. I thought I'd wait to see if I could get some guidance first on where to look before posting a lot of other details.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: SBSE v9 x64 / Fail due to "Insufficient system resources"

Post by Swapna »


Please export and send your profiles and log files to [email protected] for assistance.

Thank you.
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