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Post by jmorgannz »

Hi all,

I use SyncBackSE to backup my entire OS drive.
I know this is a bit redundant as you cannot recover an OS install from a file-level backup - but it helps my peace of mind.

One thing that annoys me is quite frequently an Windows update or a Microsoft store update adds new files to my drive, and the following backup fails with access denied messages.

I then have to manually modify the backup profile and add exclusions to those specific files to my filter list, which then triggers a full re-scan on the next backup.

Does anyone have any creative solutions which will give SyncBackSE the power to back these files up - if only to stop me having to manually exclude them all the time?
In some cases even *I* cannot view these files, which is irritating to say the least. I should be free to back up every file on my drive.
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Re: Backing up SYSTEM and TRUSTEDINSTALLER files

Post by des421 »

I've used SBP for years to maintain bootable clones of W7 & W8.1 systems. The VSC Service will take care of Open/System/Locked files and allow complete registry copies. But sure enough Windows Defender or this Trusted Installer guy (whoever he is?) occasionally replaces fortunately a few files that nothing I know of can copy? Again fortunately SBP's great logging clearly identifies these, for which I have been able to manually delete the old on the destination and replace them with copies of the new from the source, removing the conflicts. And occasionally the system will delete a few files that were on the source during scan but gone before the copy, which can be ignored/only indicated via settings.

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