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How to migrate existing profiles to the target computer?

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How to migrate existing profiles to the target computer?

Post by pstein »

Assume I have setup SyncBack with a couple of profiles.
They sync multiple folder (trees) from local computer A (=Notebook) with remote computer B (Home Desktop).
It works.

Now I decided to move the SyncBack installation from computer A to computer B.

The directories/dirtrees to sync should be kept. Folder share permissions are already setup.
Local directory paths are the same on computer A and B.

Only source and target in SyncBack must be switched.
Or is there something more?

How can I most easily perform these profile switches?

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Re: How to migrate existing profiles to the target computer?

Post by mmullins_98 »

You can migrate by utilizing the "Export/Import" operations in Syncback. You may need to change the permissions on the exported files to copy them to the other PC. After importing the only source and destination need to be switched.
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