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Some edited Files on Computer not syncing to Dropbox

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Some edited Files on Computer not syncing to Dropbox

Post by lgould15 »

SyncBackSE V8.9.15.0 on Windows 10

In a Mirror profile from a directory in my C:/ Drive to my Dropbox Folder, with a few files that have been edited in my C:/ Drive folder the edited version is not being synced to my Dropbox Folder. The files are definitely checked to sync.

When in "modify" mode for the profile in issue, looking at the checked directories and files, I noticed that the files with this issue have in the "Attribs" field, an "AP", rather than the "A" that are in that field for most other files. A few files have "AOP" or other letters in that field.

Can anyone advise what these Letters in the Attribs field stand for. If this is causing the problem, how do I convert the problem files from "AP" back to "A"?

Not sure if relevant, but in the problem profile, in "Decisions-Files", it is set to NOT delete files in Dropbox Folder that have been changed within the last 3 days, and one of the edited files that will not sync had been previously edited and synced a few hours before.

Any advice most appreciated
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