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OT: Autostart with other user via GPO?

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OT: Autostart with other user via GPO?

Post by DennisK »

Hey guys!

My question is off topic, but if I get it right, it's okay in this forum. But maybe you can help me.

I'm building a photobooth for party: Something like that [1], but a smaller version. :D

My computer will be connected to the camera an left alone. So it has to be "locked down" to minimum requieries. This will be done via GOP and Visual Subst [2].

Question: I can "autorun" the camera-control-software via GPO. But I want to run this programm not with the "Partyguest"-Account. I want to start this programm via my account ("Dennis"). Background: When I do so, the "Partyguest" can't delete images (protected by ACL) from the HDD, but he can take a look at all images.

Any solutions to this problem via GPO?

Thank you in advance!


PS: Yes, I could use SBP to backup the images every minute. But at one wedding, I had > 1500 images. Scanning every minute for new images could take too long in some cases... :cry:

[1] ... bqKLF-lnnk
[2] ... subst.html
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