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Improve performance by watching files added/modified?

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Improve performance by watching files added/modified?

Post by nereus »


I use SyncbackSE to perform daily backup of files.

I assume it checks every single files in the directories that I told it to monitor, and copies files that were added or modified.

For better performance, what about hooking into Windows to keep tracks of new/modified files in the relevant directories, and just copy those files directly instead of checking every single file each time?

Thank you.
Conrad Chung
2BrightSparks Staff
2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: Improve performance by watching files added/modified?

Post by Conrad Chung »

You can consider enabling the Fast Backup setting in SyncBackSE under Modify > Expert > Fast Backup.

Fast Backup works by keeping a database record of Source-now (as of run-X) for use next run-Y to compare the database to the actual Source state on run-Y (and can thus work out the differences = changes). It does not record a database of what is on the Destination, nor does it require to scan the remote Destination. Database is updated after a Fast Backup run to reflect the state on run-Y, ready for run-Z in due course, and so on.

Bear in mind that on the first run as a Fast Backup it has no database (it is about to build one), thus it will scan both sides on that run, but not thereafter unless you make any settings or changes that force a Rescan.

There are numerous articles in the KB on Fast Backup (do a search on 'fast' to find them / follow cross-links) and there is also detailed background in the contextual Help on the Fast Backup settings page.

Do note that Fast Backup can't be used for Sync (two-way traffic), and these functions are mutually disabled

Bear in mind Fast Backup has no effect on copy speed. But it can dramatically reduce the overall duration (including scanning) of a profile run if the Destination is on a slow device and/or the other side of a slow connection.
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