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Lack of network access robustness in SyncBackFree V6.5.38.0

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Lack of network access robustness in SyncBackFree V6.5.38.0

Post by eyallvy »

The software is really great, but has some connectivity issues when backing up to a cloud based network drive. I get a lot of errors such as the following:
Error: Failed to copy from Source : Cannot copy file

However, when I re-run the backup, the same files whose copy failed during the previous run, get copied fine. The error message says that there's a problem due to an inability to access a file on my PC, but this cannot be the case, since nothing is locking the file and the copy succeeds OK the second time around.

My guess is that in the software is deciding too quickly that a copy attempt over the network has failed and does not give enough time to retrying. I'm guessing it then assumes that the failure was due to an inability to read the source file, rather than some type of network handshaking failure, maybe because there isn't a proper error trap in the software for detecting such network problems.
Conrad Chung
2BrightSparks Staff
2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: Lack of network access robustness in SyncBackFree V6.5.3

Post by Conrad Chung »

The error "Failed to copy from Source" only indicates the direction, but it may not necessarily mean that the fault lies with your Source.

Such errors could mean the error is occurring in reading (that is, Failed to "read" file from Source, therefore, failed to copy from Source) OR,

this same error could also mean the error is occurring in writing (Failed to "write" file to Destination, therefore, failed to copy from Source).

Unfortunately, Windows very often does not state where the fault lies with such errors, choosing to instead just returning a cryptic message

Failed to Copy from Source

which only indicates the 'direction', implying that it's trying to Copy to Destination.

Sometimes there may be some clues with additional error messages that accompanies such messages. Some could be used to guess which side was causing such errors, while others, like Access Denied errors, wouldn't tell you which side the error is occurring on.
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