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better ransomware protection

An area of the forum to post ideas for new products or discuss things that are not related to 2BrightSparks products
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better ransomware protection

Post by zoran1973 »

You have excellent tool, in my opinion the best one.
I suggest you that you think to add ransomware protection for separately for each profile.
For example I have ransomware protection activate for file on disk C but I usually sync my USB stick A to USB stick B.
If USB stick A is infected (files are encripted) I wish to stop sync.
I think that this option will improve your product.
Thank you
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Re: better ransomware protection

Post by Swapna »


Thank you for your suggestion. I will forward your suggestion to the relevant department for their consideration.

Thank you.
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Re: better ransomware protection

Post by Lancer21Mig »

It's true that it could put 2brightsparks head and shoulders ahead of its competitors! Ransomware infection is a pain, I've never had to suffer from it, but helped a couple colleagues and relatives that got hit.
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Re: better ransomware protection

Post by StrategicERP »

I have defeated many viruses over the years with no anti-virus protection. Whenever this occurs you must first know the source of the attack, where it came from and and most importantly you need to know the true intention of your attacker then purge that part of system from malicious software. A virus even ransomware is nothing more than software that is designed to change or control the behavior of another system. A virus is any unathorized access or control of a software that can either gain access, control or cause damage to a computer system or network. Once you figured all this out, they won’t be as scary or as powerful as they want you to believe. They are simply exploiting weaknesses in the software to make their demands or cause damage to a network. There are even major cases of Chinese stock markets being attacked by hackers. These are sophisticated global networks of hackers who are organizing an attack using remote connections and sharing system abilities.

there are two main types of ransomware available to hackers

and locker
scam is exactly how it sounds. It encrypts files and renders them unusable. While Locker ransomware locks your system and can even allow the attacker to remotely control your system without authorization. Sounds scary? it’s not.

In recent years it has become so advanced that some hackers even developed a customer service chat option to their software. This allows them to communicate with their victims and demand bitcoin payments by following their instructions.

After finding the source that is responsible, you purge those files. The most important thing to do in the first phase of fending off an attacker, is by disconnecting your internet or wifi connection so they no longer have remote access to the system. If this is happening on a individual level it is fairly easy to fight back.

When I was targeted by ransomware through an e-mail message, I stopped it and disengaged. I didn’t let myself get too scared or worried or stressed you must understand, this is not what is really going on. These ransomware attackers are not concerned with protecting the community, or stopping criminal behavior of any kind, they are the ones committing these cyber crimes. They are not political activists they are not authority figures of any kind other than what you give them over yourself. Fancy how they tried doing this through an e-mail in my account. The source of attack can be almost anywhere. They have even targeted people through skype conversations using ads and downloadable files.

After disengaging, I reset my PC to factory settings, and that was enough to call off the attack. The malicious ransomware software was completely gone. It took a while maybe about an hour to reset my system

In the future you want to keep a offsite backup storage system, it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. It just needs to have the ability and comparability to hold your files for future use.

You also might want to consider using a backup power system. Depending on the complexity of the attack. A backup UPS or uninterruptible power supply for your hardware can be beneficial. It can cause your memory and processor or GPU to run at full load causing stress. A UPS system can protect against any electrical issues you might encounter depending on how advanced the attack is. But in most causes you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. This is only for large networks that control big companies and small cities. Yes, there are even small towns, including Washington state that faced a wave of ransomware attack in recent years through Skype and other communication systems.
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