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Feature Request

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Feature Request

Post by Merel »

Create Mirror profile real copies, MOVING old destination files to a separate folder.

I asked this question before on Support, but the feature still is not available on any version yet.
I want to make mirrors (up to the bit) from source to destination, for local backup profiles.

However, I want old items in destination not deleted by moving to recycle bin, neither deleted ‘for ever’.
It would be more convenient to MOVE the obsolete folders/files to a separate ‘syncback recycling’ location, where they could be inspected before final delete, all grouped as related to that conditional mirror profile.
The present versions offer the option of conditional ‘mirrors’ keeping old files for some defined days, but remaining into the same destination. This creates confusion when comparing source an destination. It is a mirror, but actually not a mirror. Inspecting a report is not practical either.
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