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Data Cap on Network Transfers

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Data Cap on Network Transfers

Post by PeterBrockie »


I've been setting up a remote backup with OpenVPN to backup from my dad's place, the catch is that because he lives in Canada and Canadian ISPs are total crap they pretty much all have monthly data transfer limits.

Would it be possible to have an optional data cap option - something like this:

Data Cap Settings

-Day of month to reset limit
-Monthly data limit (perhaps an option to split into upload and download limits, but I think most ISPs use total up+down combined)
-Maybe have an option to add up and date a limit for all the scripts in a backup group if you are doing multiple network backups
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Re: Data Cap on Network Transfers

Post by Sn3akyP3t3 »

I don't think this is a problem SyncBack should be expected to solve. The reason I believe this is because SB like many other backup tools typically considers success with file creation/delivery success.

I think you have a need for another solution that does your file shipping and abides by these rules you've outlined. You then have two problems to solve. One is to temporarily store the backup file awaiting shipping. This puts a storage burden on you and also adds risk since the backup is not stored in another location until shipped making it technically not a backup. Your second problem is adhering to your monthly data cap. You can either do this through throttling (not an awesome solution) or actually applying a data cap which I have no software suggestions to approach. You may be able to split the backup into sizable chunks that adhere to your monthly cap. You may need to apply a retention policy on the side receiving the backup. These last few options may require you to create a script to conduct or you will find yourself burdened with manual labor of file management which is error prone and time consuming.
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