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Suggestion needed: Copy files from far, far away (other country)

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Suggestion needed: Copy files from far, far away (other country)

Post by DennisK »


My Mom lives in another country, some 2000 km away. "In case of..." bad things happen, I need access to some documents, contacts, whatever. Sometime, she sends me updates via mail, but that can be accidentally forgotten. She's not an IT-Pro :roll: but since I've sent her a ready-to-run-notebook, she uses it for most important things - what's good.

So I'm thinking about a solution to my problem: Mom is storing the important data on the notebook. How can I get a copy of that data in my house?

First thought has been SBTouch. But than I've many problems: Firewalls, Online-Times...
Second has been "Cloud", but I don't like to have sensitive data (last will, health-reports, contacts, contracts etc.) in a cloud.
Third thought: Encrypt those data.

My idea:
- install SBP on Moms notebook
- backup the files with activated encryption to the local OneDrive-folder
- let OneDrive upload the files
- pull files from OneDrive to my machine
- decrypt files on my machine

What are your thoughts about my plan?
Is it possible to decrypt files pulled from the cloud with a SBP-profile? (Can't try it at this time, no cloud-account.)
Technically it's Moms notebook, but I bought it, installed it, supporting it: Is this covered by my home-licence or do I have too buy a second one?

Thank you in advance!

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